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The City of Vancouver requires property owners to have any backflow assemblies on their property tested by a Certified Backflow Tester annually.

Vancouver Backflow Testing will test your backflow assemblies and file the required report with the City. Contact us and we'll send a certified Red Seal technician out to your property to carry out all required tests.


Why Choose Vancouver Backflow Testing?

  • Our process is completely stream-lined, from the scheduling of a test all the way through to invoicing and payment. Just contact us and we’ll take it from there. In many cases it will not even be necessary for you to be present when the testing is done.
  • We focus on service and efficiency. We can carry out a test, and have the official report filed with the City, within one hour of you contacting us
  • All of our testers hold a Backflow Assembly Tester Certificate issued by the BC Water and Waste Association (BCWWA). All of our testers are also certified B.C. Red Seal professional plumbers.
  • We use the latest in testing equipment and have our equipment recalibrated and tested each year to ensure accuracy of the test results.
  • You don’t pay until we’ve done the work.

How Does It Work?

You contact us and schedule a time for the testing. We send one of our Testers to your property. The Tester locates your backflow assembly and carries out the test. Assuming your assembly passes the test, the Tester will immediately file a test report with the City of Vancouver’s agent, BSI. If your assembly does not pass the test, our Tester will advise you regarding options for fixing the problem.

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Call or Text : 604-836-8238