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Backflow Testing

The city of Vancouver requires annual testing of backflow prevention assemblies to ensure the potable water* is safe and protected. Once your backflow prevention assembly has been tested, all the documentation required by the city is submitted to BSI online and no further action is required for the year. Should your device fail testing, your assembly will need to be repaired or replaced.

* Water that is safe to drink or to use for food preparation.

Backflow Repair

Backflow prevention assemblies have internal components that open and close allowing water to flow in one direction. This ensures that the potable water supply stays safe from contaminants. Long time usage and exposure to the elements can cause the parts inside the device to deteriorate. If your device suffers damage it will not work safely and will fail testing. Vancouver Backflow Testing is experienced and efficient at assessing the problem and determining the most cost-effective way to repair your assembly. Once the repair is complete and the assembly passes testing, it is certified for the year.

Backflow Prevention Assembly Replacement/Installation

It is possible that your backflow prevention assembly device has become inoperable from extensive rust, corrosion, or from being worn down over time. In this case, installing a replacement would be warranted. When a backflow prevention assembly is replaced by Vancouver Backflow Testing, any new regulations will be met to ensure compliance with new laws or mandates in the lower mainland.

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