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Backflow Assembly Testing and COVID-19

The City of Vancouver recently passed a bylaw which requires that all backflow assemblies be tested once a year by a certified backflow assembly tester. The City keeps a register of all backflow devices installed in Vancouver and has now assigned a testing due date for each device. If a test report is not filed for your backflow assembly by its due date the City may impose a fine and could even shut off your water. COVID-19 has not changed this. The City expects owners/occupants to have their backflow assemblies tested even during the pandemic. Ensuring that backflow devices are functioning properly helps keep our drinking water safe. And most residential backflow assemblies are located outside – it’s usually not necessary for a tester to enter the home or to meet with the homeowner.

I would be happy to conduct a test of your backflow assembly if your due date is approaching. I am certified by BCWWA (BC Water & Waste Association) as a backflow assembly tester, and am registered and licensed to conduct backflow assembly testing in the City of Vancouver.

To find out when your device is due to be tested call me at (604)836-8238.


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