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Backflow Assembly Testing in Burnaby

Has the City of Burnaby sent you a letter that says you have one or more backflow assemblies that are due (or overdue) for testing?

Call or text us to schedule the testing or to request a free quote. You can speed things up by also sending us a photo of the City of Burnaby’s letter that lists the devices that require testing.

Why Choose VBF?

Vancouver Backflow Testing Ltd:

  • is insured; enrolled with WorkSafe BC; and licensed to carry on business as a plumbing contractor within the Metro Vancouver area
  • our technicians are all experienced journeyman plumbers, as well as being BCWWA certified backflow testers
  • our process is completely stream-lined, from the scheduling of a test all the way to invoicing and payment. Just contact us and we’ll take it from there. In many cases it will not even be necessary for you to be present when the testing is done.
  • we focus on service and efficiency. Where test reports are filed online, we usually have a test report filed within an hour of the test being conducted. Where paper test reports are required, we usually send them out (by email or mail, depending on the municipality) within a day of the test being conducted.
  • you don’t pay until we’ve completed the work.
  • we follow up with you each year when it’s time for your backflow device(s) to be tested to ensure you keep up to date with your testing obligations
  • if a device fails on initial testing, we are usually able to remedy the problem during the initial visit, thereby saving you the cost of an additional site visit. Our technicians are qualified to repair backflow assemblies, and always travel with the tools and parts required to carry out most repairs.
Backflow Testing Requirements in Burnaby

Under Burnaby’s Plumbing Bylaw 2000, every backflow preventer must be field tested:

  • upon installation;
  • when cleaned, repaired, reinstalled, overhauled or relocated; and
  • annually not later than the anniversary date of its previous testing

The tester must complete the City’s Backflow Assembly Test Report form and forward the form to the City’s Cross Connection Control Department within 10 days of conducting the test.

Burnaby’s Test Report Review Fee

Under the City of Burnaby’s Waterworks Regulation Bylaw, the owner of a property on which a backflow preventer is installed is required to pay an annual fee to the City for the review of the backflow preventer test reports. The fee is paid by the property owner directly, rather than being paid by the party filing the test report; there is no fee payable for filing a test report.

Notice of the Backflow Assembly Test Due Date

The City of Burnaby keeps records of the backflow preventers installed within the city including the devices’ test due dates. Shortly before the test due date, the City mails out a notice to the property owner of the test due date.

Backflow Assembly Installations in Burnaby

Do you want to connect a new service or fixture to a water supply line?

Where a new connection is made to a water supply line connection, a backflow assembly is often required to prevent the backwards flow of contaminated substances into the water supply. For example, if you install a sprinkler system (whether outdoors for irrigation or indoors for fire protection) a backflow assembly must be installed on the water supply line upstream of the sprinkler system. Similarly, a backflow assembly must be installed when certain fixtures are connected to the water supply. Such fixtures include such diverse items as water filters; dental equipment; commercial dishwashers; ice machines; and esthetician’s chairs.

We are a licensed Burnaby plumbing contractor; we can look after the entire process including applying for the required permits and testing the new devices. If you need a backflow assembly installed, or want advice on whether one is required, contact us for a free quote or consultation.

City of Burnaby Permit Fee for Installing Backflow Assemblies

To install a new backflow assembly in Burnaby, the installer must apply for a plumbing permit and pay the applicable application fees. For backflow assemblies that are less than 4”, the city charges a permit application fee of $61.75 for the first device and $33.70 for each additional device. For a 4” or larger assembly, the city charges an application fee of $167.85.

Testing Newly Installed Backflow Assemblies

As part of the inspection process, a newly installed backflow assembly must be tested, and a test report must be submitted to the City of Burnaby. The test report form is the same as for existing devices.

Cleaning, Repairs & Replacements

Do you have a backflow assembly that’s leaking? Has a tester told you that one of your backflow assemblies requires major repairs or replacement?

Contact us for advice on whether a backflow assembly needs to be replaced or just repaired or even just cleaned. Often a backflow assembly will leak or fail because it’s clogged with dirt or debris. Eventually some of the internal parts of a backflow assembly will break down and need to be replaced but only rarely does a backflow assembly deteriorate to the point that a full replacement is required. We are often able to bring a backflow assembly back into working order just by disassembling and cleaning it, or by replacing a few of the internal parts. Whatever may be required, we are usually able to solve the problem in a single visit because our testers are journeymen plumbers, and they travel with sufficient tools and replacement parts to handle most repairs.

Backflow Assembly Removal

Do you have a backflow assembly on your property that you no long require and would like to have removed?

In Burnaby, once a backflow assembly has been installed on your property, it must be tested every year even if you no longer have any use for the service or fixture for which it was installed. For example, even if you don’t use your underground sprinkler system, you must have the associated backflow assembly tested every year for so long as it remains connected to the water supply line. As another example, where a backflow assembly is installed for a water filter and the water filter is later removed, the backflow assembly still must be tested each year unless it’s also removed. Text or call us if you would like to have a backflow assembly removed and the water line capped off.

Landlords & Property Managers

Do you pay your mechanical contractor to do your backflow assembly testing when you could hire a specialty backflow company to do the work for a much lower cost?

Because we specialize in providing backflow prevention services, our overhead is low as compared to that of a general service mechanical contractor. As a result, we are able to provide expert service at highly competitive rates. In fact, many mechanical contractors find it to be more economical to subcontract their backflow testing out to us than do it inhouse. Call or text us if you would like to discuss how we can assist with your backflow prevention needs.


Have you installed one or more new backflow devices in the City of Burnaby but need a certified tester to test and register the device?

We frequently test newly installed devices for contractors such as plumbing-mechanical contractors; fire safety contractors; general contractors; and irrigation contractors. Just call or text us to schedule the testing. We will complete the City of Burnaby’s test report form, inserting the required registration information, and either provide the reports to you or submit them directly to the City of Burnaby, whichever you prefer.

Are you working on a project where you’d like some help with the installation, replacement, or repair of a backflow prevention device?

Our technicians are journeyman plumbers with extensive experience working with backflow prevention devices. We’re happy to work with contractors on projects in Burnaby. If you think we might be able to help, text or call us, any time.

About Backflow Prevention

What is backflow?

Water normally flows in one direction, from the public drinking water system through the plumbing of a home or building and out a sink tap or other plumbing fixture or appliance. Under certain circumstances, water starts to flow in the opposite direction; this is known as “backflow”.

Why is backflow a concern?

The flow of water into, instead of out of, our drinking water system, creates the risk of contaminated substances being drawn into, and then disbursed from, the drinking water system.

What causes backflow?

Backflow happens when there is either back siphonage or back pressure in a water line.

Back siphonage is where water flows in the opposite direction because of negative pressure in the water line. This can happen when there is a drop or stoppage of pressure in the main water line due to, for example, a break in the line or the use of a fire hydrant.

Back pressure can be created when a source of pressure, such as a water pump, creates a greater pressure than the pressure from the water distribution system.

Where can backflow happen?

Backflow can arise where there is a “cross connection” to our public drinking water system; a cross connection is any actual or potential connection between our drinking water system and any source of pollution or contamination. Cross connections include connections to buildings; connections for sprinkler systems; and connections for various plumbing fixtures such as boilers, water filters, ice machines, dental equipment, pools, and soap dispensers.

Why do backflow assemblies need to be tested regularly?

Some backflow prevention devices have moving parts that can wear out over time or become clogged with grit or debris. These backflow preventers must be tested regularly to make sure they are operating properly.

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